Must go to the theatre more often

Just got back from Nevermore with Kyrsta, and I'm still jittery with glee. It was absolutely amazing, just spectacular. The actors were so amazing and the singing just blew me away. For anyone who doesn't know, Nevermore is a play about the life and death of Edgar Allen Poe.

There are two things I will remember most vividly. The lighting and the dancing. Green red, and pale blue where used to light the stage and the lights would reflect off of the mesh walls on the set, which made everything seem surreal. Except the red lighting. When that clicked on the music would go from being a twinkling piano to an ominous violin. The dancing was like watching a Gothic epileptic, a hurt child trying to break out of the ghastly prison of life. Watching Edgar shake and reach out into the sky had me opening my arms to lift him up.